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What Was Kobe Bryant’s Hourly Rate for 2015-2016?

In these dark rebuilding times for the Lakers, let’s have some fun by figuring out how much Kobe Bryant was paid, by the hour, during the last year of his Hall of Fame Career. According to the LA Times, Kobe Bryant was paid around $25,000,000 for the 2015-2016 season.  However, we have [...]

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California Equal Pay Act of 2015

3 Shocking Facts About Gender Wage Inequality In 2014, women made around 16% LESS than men.  Latina women made 56% LESS than their white male counterparts. In total, California women lose about $33,650,294,544.00 each year because of the wage gap. California’s Fair Pay Act, SB 358, took effect January 1, 2016, [...]

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Salaried Employees May Be Owed Overtime

If you are a salaried employee, you may be owed overtime pay if you are misclassified as an exempt employee.  While the specifics of misclassification will be covered in another post, a few examples of common misclassification are posted below.   For calculating overtime owed, your hourly rate of pay is usually calculated at [...]

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Paid Enough Not To Get Overtime?

Minimum Salary For Exempt Status Under California Law & Overtime Exemption The Dreaded Curse Of Low Salary Getting paid a low salary can be a curse!  Working long hours with no overtime pay can be punishing for employees who barely make more than twice the minimum wage.  Moreover, salaried positions often involve more [...]

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Business Expenses Under California Law

Reasonable & Necessary Business Expenses Under California Law Reimbursements Are Key To A Fair And Healthy Employment Relationship Getting business expenses reimbursed is vital to having a healthy and lawful employment relationship.  Also, reimbursing employees for money spent on work is fair and critical for the employee’s financial well-being.  Furthermore, California law [...]